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CGL Collateral Documents

Carrier Grade Linux Datasheet" (723K)(pdf) This is an overview of the former OSDL Carrier Grade Linux Working Group. This document can be used as the source for a new Linux Foundation datasheet that can be used by members for trade shows, presentations, or other marketing outreach opportunities to provide information regarding the work group structure as well as the requirement definition documents.

CGL Publications

Carrier Grade Linux Reg Race Begins by Erin Joyce (

Carrier Grade Linux: Adoption and Deployments by Ibrahim Haddad (OSDL) inLinux Planet (July, 2005)

Carrier Grade Linux: Advancing Linux in the Communications Space by Ibrahim Haddad (OSDL) inLinuxWorld Magazine (July, 2005)

Carrier Grade Linux: Overview of Linux in Telecom by Ibrahim Haddad (OSDL) inLinux Planet (June 23, 2005)

Open Source Mobile Phones by Bill Weinberg (OSDL) inLinuxWorld Magazine (July, 2005)

Reinventing Telecom with Linux and VoIP by Bill Weinberg (OSDL) inEmbedded Systems Europe (June/July, 2005)

Carrier Grade Linux 3.0 by Bill Weinberg (OSDL) inEmbedded Computing Design (May, 2005)

Carrier Grade Linux: The Next Generation by John Cherry (OSDL), Takashi Ikebe (NTT Labs), Terence Chen (Intel), Steven Dake (MontaVista) inLinuxWorld Magazine (March, 2005)

AdvancedTCA and Carrier Grade Linux by Kirti Devi (Intel) inLinuxWorld Magazine (November, 2004)

OSDL and Carrier-Grade Linux: the Full Story Stuart Cohen interviewed by Ibrahim Haddad (OSDL) inLinuxWorld Magazine (July, 2004)

Server Features in the Linux Kernel by Ibrahim Haddad (OSDL) inLinuxWorld Magazine (July, 2004)

OSDL's Carrier-Grade Linux by Ibrahim Haddad (OSDL) inO'Reilly Linux DevCenter

Carrier Grade Linux by Mika Kukkonen (Nokia) inEmbedded Computing Design

Linux in Carrier Grade Applications by Glenn Seiler (MontaVista) inEmbedded Computing Design

Linux on the Line - the Open Source Development Lab is the //in// Place to Be for Hardened Linux by Doug Dreyer (IBM) inOpen Magazine

Optimize Linux to Meet Carrier Grade Requirements by John Mehaffey (MontaVista) inCommsDesign Magazine

MontaVista rolls Linux for telecom carriers inEE Times

IBM to Help Telecom Carriers Build Next-Generation Apps, Networks inInfoworld


White Papers

Technical Scope White Paper (251K)(pdf) This 12 page white paper describes the overall scope of the Carrier Grade Linux Working Group, in terms of the target application, functional areas, and standards to be addressed.

Architecture Specification, V1.1 (288K)(pdf) This paper articulates the specific features to be implemented by V1.0 of Carrier Grade Linux as they relate to the Requirements Definition.

Clustering Papers

The following papers were used as the basis for discussions when the CGL working group was developing a clustering model.

OSDL Clustering Whitepaper - OSDL

CGL Clustering Model - Alcatel

Clustering Model Proposal - Ericsson Corporation

Linux Clustering Software for Telecom - Intel Corporation

Foundational Components of Service Availability - Montavista

NTT Clustering Model - NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories, NTT Corporation

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