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Google Season of Docs 2019: OpenPrinting projects


Important: We protect the e-mail addresses of our mentors and mailing lists against spam bots. Please replace all occurrences of “ at ” and “ dot ” by “@” and “.” resp.

Mailing list: printing-architecture at lists dot linux-foundation dot org

IRC: #openprinting on Freenode

OpenPrinting GitHub

Code License: See project descriptions

Organization Administrators

The participation of the Linux Foundation in the Google Season of Docs is organized by Till Kamppeter (till at linux dot com) and Aveek Basu (basu dot aveek at gmail dot com).

Project Ideas

Documenting the Usage details for cups-filters

Needs to create the detailed documentation on usage details of all the CUPS filters, backends, and utilities in the cups-filters project and how to build them.

Current documentation is put together from all the different sources from where the filters and other components came originally, before the cups-filters project got started. Some documentation is in the README file other in man pages, …

Mentors: Till Kamppeter, Project Leader OpenPrinting (till at linux dot com)

License: MIT

Documenting the Automatic Queue Creation and printing Process for a IPP - Driverless printer in Linux

As a part of this project a tech writer needs to document the entire set of steps on how a driverless print queue gets internally created in Linux. The content will have the details of what goes on at the background and how are the queues automatically created.

The writer also needs to document what exactly goes behind the scenes when an user selects a particular queue and fires a print.

This could be made available both on the OpenPrinting web site and also in files coming with the software packages, like cups-filters.

Mentors: Aveek Basu, (aveek dot basu at gmail dot com)

License: TBD

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