Minutes October 6 2010

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Russ Herrold (Owl River), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Jeff Licquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF). Robert Schweikert (Novell)


  • LSB 4.1 freeze status


Jeff: LSB 4.1 freeze status, some additional CUPS interfaces were added, looks like 2 are still held back.
Stew: I added comments to the 4.1 status page reflecting Denis's comments from the bug.
Jeff: ALSA - anything we're missing?
Stew: Just tests for the 2 more recent interface adds
Jeff: That leaves the glibc symbols. Many are added, others will be deferred for technical issues or lack of demand. So that leaves 5 symbols that need to be added. I'm spending some time learning how to create SQL to be able to add things. I have made some progress adding ptrace in a local copy, with some header issues yet. I picked ptrace as it looked to be the most complicated one to add.
Jeff: So we should have the SQL to add the remaining symbols by today or tomorrow. That should make things complete as far as the spec goes.
Jeff: So does that mean we're ready to make a beta spec, sdk, etc.?
Mats: A lot of open bug stuff that may impact how ready we are.
Jeff: Probably need to do a bug triage on the 4.1 blockers then
Jeff: Tenatively set bug triage for tomorrow at noon eastern?
Mats: OK
Jeff: Assuming I get the SQL done Wed, and it's OK, and bugs resolved Thu, beta could go out tail end of this week, early next week.
Jeff: Our build infrastructure is mostly in a state where we should be able to do this
Jeff: Part of the triggers what for the dependency on libbat for xts5, xfvb. I see Stew dropped the deps in devel, but they may still exist for older builds.
Stew: I'll have to look at whether they're still needed for 4.0
Jeff: Then I'll say we should have a beta build by next week sometime

End Of Call