Minutes November 10 2010

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Attendees: Mats Wichmann (Intel), Jeff Licquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF)


  • LSB 4.1 beta 1 status.
  • Set up bug wrangling.


Jeff: Big news this week is the beta1 work is done. I *think* we now have a repeatable process that can go more quickly in the future. We have bundles, repos, etc. People can start testing and add info to the 4.1 Test Pilot page.
Jeff: I'd also like to so do bug triage, particularly on 4.1.
Jeff: Does Thursdays @noon work for everyone?
Stew, Mats: OK
Jeff: Looks like I have something @noon, lets do 1:00PM Eastern this Thursday
Jeff: May have to do a beta2 soon, as Stew mentioned that what we have for beta may already be lagging bugs that are fixed in snapshots
Mats: One of our deliverables was to make appchk more friendly/better (forget the exact bug/wording). Has anyone done anything recently with this to see if it's gotten better?
Jeff: I have done some app-checker runs for other reasons. "better" is subjective, but it seems OK.
Mats: We used to run appchk against the builds at the end of the run, so we'd check our own apps, and get more exposure to appchk output.
Jeff: Actually we do have that test output in the tarballs, we're just not publishing it.
Mats: It would be nice to have someone look at that output, so we can see if our stuff is OK, as well as see if appbat output is more accessible.
Jeff: I can add that to my list to look at the appbat results.
Jeff: Anything else?
Jeff: I'm going to look at the appbat results, get the autotest page restarted, and do certification stuff.

End Of Call