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CIP Technical Steering Committee Meeting

Date: 11 December, 2017

Roll Call

TSC members

  • Noriaki Fukuyasu (The Linux Foundation)
  • Annie Fisher (The Linux Foundation)
  • Agustin Benito Bethencourt (Codethink)
  • Hidehiro Kawai (Hitachi)
  • SZ Lin (MOXA)
  • Masato Minda (Plat’Home)
  • Takehisa Katayama (Renesas)
  • Chris Paterson (Renesas)
  • Jan Kiszka (Siemens)
  • Daniel Sangorrin (Toshiba)
  • Yoshi Kobayashi (Toshiba)



  • Introduction
  • Industrial networking company in Taiwan

Kernel maintenance

  • Patches sent to cip-dev mailing list reviewed.
  • Changes in stable releases 4.4.99-4.4.105 reviewed and merged into the CIP kernel branch
    • Initial version of the Kernel Patch Review Howto published.
    • Next step is for CIP Members to assign kernel developers so Ben H. send them patches to review and guide them.
  • Ben H. is following libc-alpha and y2038 mailing lists

CIP Testing and KernelCI

  • Direction about CIP testing (Bold items are potential options for testing.)
    • Maintain current B@D
      • Ben and Daniel Wagner are using B@D.
    • Enhancing the feature for B@D
      • Could be later
    • Collaboration with AGL to setting up test case repository
    • Collaboration with KernelCI in CIP side (in LF IT infrastructure)
      • Budget is approved to setup KerneCI infrastructure
        • LAVA master in LF
        • CIP member can test on the LAVA master
  • KernelCI
    • Nori contacted to Jan-Simon to ask options for KernelCI collaboration
      • E.g. Include CIP kernel in KernelCI dashboard
      • Jan-Simon and Nori (hopefully Yoshi) will discuss options
    • Question to TSC members?
      • Does it reasonable option for CIP kernel testing?
        • B@D for CIP members for local testing and sharing the results
        • KerneiCI for CI
  • Agustin sent a few weeks ago again a mail with credentials to Daniel. Did not follow up.
    • Today Monday Agustin found out that Daniel does not have access. Agustin created a manual password and sent a mail with credentials. It is not a secure method but…

Yocto and CIP collaboration

  • Sean will provide us with his proposal around the November 3rd. (Update?)
  • No update from Mentor at this moment.
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