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CIP Technical Steering Committee Meeting

Date: 03 April, 2017

Roll Call

  • Noriaki Fukuyasu (The Linux Foundation)
  • Annie Fisher (The Linux Foundation)
  • Hiroshi Mine (Hitachi)
  • Takuo Koguchi (Hitachi)
  • Chris Paterson (Renesas)
  • David Donegan (Renesas)
  • Takehisa Katayama (Renesas)
  • Gojima-san (Renesas)
  • Urs Gleim (Siemens)
  • Yoshi Kobayashi (Toshiba)
  • Daniel Sangorrin (Toshiba)
  • Ben Hutchings (Codethink)
  • Masato Minda (Plat’Home)


  • Roll Call
  • Updates and Discussions
    • Whitepaper Status
    • CIP Kernel development
    • Board @desk - Single dev. first release
    • ProjectX
    • U-boot policy discussion

Updates and Discussions

White Paper Status

  • Nori has already send the latest version for review (30th March)
    • Laura, LF, reviewed for English check and the file source file has been sent to Wolfgang. It’s currently under review by Wolfgang who intends to do a short version (4 pages instead of 7).

CIP Kernel Development

  • AI from the last call: Provide kernel config(s) to Ben
  • Kernel feature discussion
    • Many of things has been enabled
      • Would like to cut down the # file systems. We should start to check whether Ext2 or some of the older filesystems
      • User name spaces has issues. Daniel (toshiba) is using it but he is OK to remove it
    • Shall we focus to the device drivers or kernel features? (Toshiba)
      • Ben does not have strong opinion.
      • Renesas will focus on their platform support.
      • Hitachi: Requires the following FS. UBIFS, JFFS2, EXT4, SquashFS, overlayFS
      • Also Hitachi will add more device drivers.
      • Siemens: Will come back to information. Will continue the discussion on Industry PC kernel over the mailing list.
      • Plat’Home: Will send the information over the mailing list
      • AI: Continue to provide kernel config(s) to mailing list for further discussion
    • Questions to Ben
      • Area that might be challenging to maintain?
        • KVM can be difficult. Also core VFS patches, but we don’t have a choice about them. Have backported fixes to whole kernel over 5-6 years period but over 10-20 years it will be much more difficult. Basically less coverage will be better.
      • Test suite preference?:
        • No particular preference as he doesn’t have experience with them.
      • Security framework for testing
        • Have test cases for many security issues, but not sure which can be made public. Working on public security issue tracking which could include test cases.
    • Next step for CIP Kernel:
      • AI: Ben will send out some more questions about the specific features.
    • Co-Working with members:
      • Following up on what they requested.

Board @ Desk status

  • Updated the VM to the latest kernelCI version.
    • Fixing configs due to the previous update.
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Working on being able to test the CIP kernel on the BBB with the VM.
  • VM now working also in Debian stable with Vagrant.
  • Lachlan MacKenzie has joined the team. He has wide experience in virtualization.
  • Storage space at S3 provided by LF IT
  • Edit rights to further Codethink team members at the CIP public wiki provided by LF IT.


  • Yoshi is working on cip-playground/project-x
    • QEMU x86_64: deby-qemux86-64 created
      • Tested with meta-debian-docker and meta-debian-scripts
      • Bitbake runs inside the docker image and successfully build
    • Beaglebone black:
      • Yoshi still unable to boot with CIP kernel. (maybe mistake)
      • Koguchi-san already succeeded.(CIP 4.4 with Yocto 2.2). Thus Yoshi potentially made some mistake.
      • AI: Koguchi-san will provide the Kernel recipe for BBB.
    • Other boards?

TSC Call Memo Sharing Policy

U-boot policy discussion

  • Should u-boot support for the reference platforms be upstreamed to mainline u-boot?
  • Or should we use vendor provided branches?
  • What features should be supported in u-boot for the reference platforms?
    • Boot options/devices/interfaces
  • U-boot is very important, but it is actually difficult to pick one long terms version. Each vendor's has their own versions. (Yoshi, Koguchi-san)
  • When you “maintain” what sort of changes are in need? (Ben)
    • Security issues, security features (Toshiba)
  • Any security fixes applied to U-Boot mainline? & Anyone ever tried to upstream?
    • Probably not? Currently they are not focusing security fixes.
  • U-boot is very important for device vendor because for device vendors, this is something they can contribute.
  • Discussion should continue over the mailing list.

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