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TSC Call on March 20th, 2017


  • Linux Foundation: Nori Fukuyasu
  • Renesas: Chris Paterson, Takehisa Katayama
  • Siemens: Wolfgang Mauerer
  • Toshiba: Yoshi Kobayashi
  • Codethink: Agustin Benito Bethencourt
  • Plat’Home: Masato Minda


  • Nori requested Laura to review language
  • Once it fixed, the LF staff will make it to fit to the latest CIP Whitepaper template.
  • The source file (Adobe Indesign base) will be provided to Wolfgang, so any fix after the initial cut should send to Wolfgang

CIP Kernel Development

  • Ben H. has reviewed and merged new patches. We are now up to date with LTS.
    • Check the kernel mirror at
  • Ben H. sent a question about key features from 4.4 kernel that he needs to pay attention to and bring to CIP kernel.
  • He is looking forward to get answers from Members and discuss them during the next call.
  • Toshiba: Yoshi working on it.
  • Ben H. agrees on attending to ELCE for CIP technical sessions with other CIP engineers.
    • AI for all: Provide kernel config(s) fo Ben

Board @ Desk status

  • Heading towards the release
    • Currently working on:
      • Executing tests.
        • Follow the work at #cip IRC channel in and (testing project).
      • Documentation:
        • Since we will provide a VM image together with deployment through Vagrant, changes in the documentation structure will be required: #45
        • Feature page improved: #38
      • Release announcement reviewed.
        • Based on feedback, Action 2 will be described before the release: #46
    • This Friday Codethink will provide another bi-weekly report: #42
  • Pending topics for LF IT (Annie is working on it)
    • Storage space in AWS. When can we have it?
    • Edit rights on the CIP public wiki for Robert Marshall.


  • Yoshi is working on cip-playground/project-x
    • deby-qemux86-64 created
      • Not tested with public repositories, yet
    • Beaglebone might be post in this month
  • It would be great if other members can create their own repo under cip-playground/*

TSC Call Memo Sharing Policy

  • TSC call memo should be disclosed to the public.
  • Annie/Nori will take note, then Yoshi review in days before it put it to wiki and distributed over to the mailing list.

Other Topics

  • U-boot policy discussion
    • Email sent out to cip-dev. Please review and comment.
    • Discussion to be added to next TSC meeting’s agenda.
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