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Minutes of the October 2014 TAB Meeting

This month the TAB discussed the last stretch of planning for the Linux Plumbers conference later in the month, organizing a new planning committee for the Plumbers conference next year in Seatle, and heard some updates from the UEFI, CII and testing activity.


  • Grant Likely (Chair)
  • H. Peter Anvin
  • Matthew Garrett
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • John Linville
  • Chris Mason
  • Sarah Sharp

Pending Action Items

  • [Peter] Start a discussion on mailing list about electoral process [DEFER]
  • [Grant] TAB communication update - web page, announcements, etc. [PARTIALLY DONE]
  • Post past minutes to the web site [DONE]


1) Action review [Grant]

Grant has posted past minutes have been posted to web site, but he still needs to create a past TAB members page.

Peter hasn’t yet had a chance to start the electoral process discussion on the mailing list, but will do so before the next meeting.

2) Plumbers Status [Greg]

Greg was in Europe last week. The event cost is currently close to, but not yet over budget. Overall Plumbers seems to be on track. People on the wait list are getting spots and Greg doesn’t know of any outstanding problems. In the off chance that it actually does go over budget, there are funds left over from previous years, but the planning committee would prefer not to dip into that.

John asked about when the BoFs get approved and scheduled. Greg replied that BoF approvals is one of the last things to be scheduled. Probably sometime in the next few days.

3) Plumbers Committee Call for Proposals [Jon/Greg]

Nobody has officially declared intent to submit a proposal. Chirs is looking for interested people around the Seattle area. Greg mentioned that since both he and James are in the Seattle area that both of them can help out.

There was some discussion about how most of the work for organizing Plumbers is all of the logistics. The program committee work is not the hard part. Grant has a few contacts who have approached him about helping to organize and he will follow up with them. Greg is also going to follow up with the previous Portland organizing committee.

If we don’t have anything by mid October, Grant will start poking TAB members to approach people they think would do a good job and ask if they would consider volunteering [new action].

4) Progress on Kernel Testing [Greg]

Greg had nothing new from last month. He still need to post the project description to the TAB mailing list [new action].

5) CII Project update [Greg]

Brief discussion of the state of the Linux Foundation's CII project.

6) UEFI Secure Boot. [Matthew]

[UEFI discussions are held under NDA]

7) Any other UEFI or ACPI updates [Greg]

There is an ongoing discussion on the ARM list about how to describe common devices. It appears that the ACPI 5 spec already has the method for specifying the PCI device id, which means we wouldn’t need to create something new. Matthew is participating in the discussion.

Grant talked a bit about what is going on with ACPI support on ARM. The patches themselves look to be in really good shape, but the ARM kernel maintainers are concerned about maintaining long term compatibility. Before the ACPI patches get merged, they want to see (at a minimum) a plan for how Linux will identify itself to the platform (via _OSC, _OSC, or some other method) and a plan for dealing with the new _DSD methods.

8) Any other business

Greg showed off his cool bluetooth speaker phone that he used for the conference call. It sounded great without any echo. Here is the link:

Jabra speaker phone link:

Meeting adjourned at 9:30UTC

New Actions

  • [Grant] start poking TAB to actively ask for volunteers to run Plumbers next year if we don’t have any proposals show up by mid-month.
  • [Greg] post kernel testing project plan to the TAB mailing list.
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