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Tab Election History

With the TAB election coming up in a few weeks, people inevitably get curious about who is on the TAB, and how long they have been there. In the spirit of answering questions that haven't been asked yet, here is the entire history of the TAB in one big table.

Election DateEven Year SeatsOdd Year Seats
Interim TAB: Feb 2006James Bottomley (Chair)Chris WrightMatt MackallRandy DunlapTheodore Ts'oArjan van de VenChristoph LameterGreg Kroah-HartmanWim Coekaerts 
Appointment: Aug 4, 2006         Randy Dunlap
Election July 17, 2006James BottomleyChris WrightMatt MackallAndrew MortonTheodore Ts'o     
Election: Sept 5, 2007     Arjan van de VenChristoph LameterGreg Kroah-HartmanJon CorbetOlaf Kirch
Election: Sept 16, 2008James BottomleyChris WrightChris MasonKristen Carlson AccardiDave Jones    Christoph Hellwig (1/2 term)
Election: Oct 20, 2009     Alan CoxThomas GleixnerGreg Kroah-HartmanJon CorbetTheodore Ts'o
Election: Nov 13, 2010James BottomleyGrant LikelyChris MasonJohn LinvilleHugh Blemings     
Election: Oct 25, 2011     Alan CoxThomas GleixnerGreg Kroah-HartmanJon CorbetTheodore Ts'o
Election: Aug 29, 2012James BottomleyRic WheelerChris MasonJohn LinvilleJesse Barnes     
Appointment: Dec 17, 2012     Hugh Blemings    
Election: October 23, 2013     Matthew GarrettThomas GleixnerGreg Kroah-HartmanJon CorbetSarah Sharp
Election: Sept 3rd, 2014Kristen AccardiGrant Likely (Chair)Chris MasonJohn LinvilleH. Peter Anvin     
Next Election: October in Korea          


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