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TAB Meeting, November 16, 2007

The minutes of TAB meetings are provided for informational purposes only. Discussions and decisions described in the minutes should not be interpreted as official or definitive TAB or The Linux Foundation policy. While efforts are made to ensure their accuracy and completeness, we regret we cannot guarantee that they are. If you have corrections or additions, please contact tech-board at


  • LF Fellowship Doc writer status - Next steps
  • Report from the Tokyo Board Meeting.
  • PCI SIG membership status and current plan.
  • NDA programme status (Mainly just Marvell)
  • Any other business.


  • James Bottomley
  • Dan Kohn
  • Olaf Kirch
  • Randy Dunlap
  • Jim Zemlin
  • Jonathan Corbet
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Ted Ts'o
  • Markus Rex
  • Lyn Moreno


Doc writer

Discussion about next steps with the Doc writer. No decisions taken. Another round of email discussion.

report from board meeting

biggest news for tab is ted t'so assignment to the lf for 2 years starting january 2008 as fellow and chief platform strategist. john cherry left the lf, workgroups are reshuffled. lf organized legal summit in boston just prior to board meeting. james mentioned that best result is the fact that it happened. also discussion on the patent troll suit against redhat and suse.

pci sig membership

ongoing - andy is still trying to contact them to get something out of them. also intel's pci-sig rep offered help, but first tack is lawyers.

NDA program

ball appears in the lf's field. andy and ross might need to get active, also james will contact marvell cto after it is assured that it is their job.

Driver backport workgroup

greg k-h explains the goal of the group as neutral place to support driver backport. good that redhat and suse are together on that. greg will contact ubuntu to get them involved as well.


Greg still in doubt on viability of membership

next collaboration summit

most likely date april 8-10 in austin, tx.

TAB website

Go ahead with the move of the TAB pages at OSDL to media-wiki.

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