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TAB Meeting, June 6, 2008

The minutes of TAB meetings are provided for informational purposes only. Discussions and decisions described in the minutes should not be interpreted as official or definitive TAB or The Linux Foundation policy. While efforts are made to ensure their accuracy and completeness, we regret we cannot guarantee that they are. If you have corrections or additions, please contact tech-board at


  • LF Fellowship Doc Writer Status - Michael Kerrisk
  • USB/PCI sig membership
  • Kernel Bug Czar and bug tracking discussions
  • Statement on Binary Modules
  • OSAPA update
  • Any other business


  • James Bottomley
  • Jim Zemlin
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Ted Ts'o
  • Chris Wright
  • Dan Kohn
  • Amanda McPherson
  • Christoph Lameter
  • Matt Mackall
  • Randy Dunlap


Status Doc-fellowship

Michael Kerrist started working. Request to him is to prepare a draft SoW with detailed work items. This will be discussed next month.


No change, PCI SIG did not respond to Dan. Dan will follow up and report next month. He thinks we are in good shape though.

Discussion on kernel bugtracking

Current assumption is that Novell and Redhat will contribute time, so no funding will be flowing. Greg / Novell is fine either way, though.

Proposal to offer Redhat and Novell cash for the time of the people. Ted expects though that this might slow down things. Quality is more important than money.

Consensus is to wait and see what Novell and Redhat come up with. Chuck and Patrick will be also approached. Chris will do the Redhat contact. Greg will push inside Novell, Andrew will talk to Raphael.

Suggestion is to create a formal text stating that Chuck and Raphael are the best candidates for the job. James will write this up, good idea.

Jim stands ready to start with request from TAB.

OSAPA update

No update.

Other business

Binary modules

Discussion about binary modules.

End user summit

Amanda explained the End User Summit. TAB Top-10 list will be discussed in New York with end users. Amanda asks about attendance from TAB. Date is October 13 and 14.

Program will be mixture of loose discussions and lightning talks plus some program-tracks.

Meeting on October 19

A number of people are getting together on October 19 in Mountain View. Good opportunity for mingling :)

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