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Minutes of the November 2014 TAB Meeting

This month the TAB approved the planning committee group for the 2015 Linux Plumbers Conference, and discussed the quality of presentation proposals being accepted for Linux Foundation events.


  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • John Linville
  • Grant Likely
  • Kristen Accardi
  • Jonathan Corbet
  • Chris Mason
  • Matthew Garrett


Action Items

  1. [Peter] Start a discussion on mailing list about electoral process [DEFER - Kristen will work on this] 
  2. [Grant] TAB communication update - create past TAB page [DEFER - not done yet]
  3. [Grant] start poking TAB to actively ask for volunteers to run Plumbers next year if we don’t have any proposals show up by mid-month [OBSOLETE - Received a proposal in October]
  4. [Greg] post kernel testing project plan to the TAB mailing list. [DONE - Competed after meeting]

1) Board meeting recap

   Grant provided a brief report from the Linux Foundation board meeting.

2) Linux Plumbers Conference

   It was suggested that, in future versions of the LPC, it would be good
   to have a clearer division of responsibilities between the organizing
   committee and the LF.  That said, things seemed to work reasonably well
   in 2014.

   The 2015 proposal from the group headed by James Bottomley was reviewed
   and accepted unanimously (with one abstention).

3) Project updates

   Critical Infrastructure Initiative: no news
   Testing: was presented at the board meeting, nothing new
   UEFI: [UEFI discussions are under NDA]

4) Quality of Conference Presentations

   Some concern was expressed about the presentations being accepted for
   Linux Foundations events. At the last event in Dusseldorf there was a
   presentation about GPFS, a proprietary technology, and another where the
   presenter clearly did not have a solid grasp of the subject matter. It
   was asked on whether or not the TAB can provide additional technical
   scrutiny on the incoming proposals.

   However, after some discussion it was concluded that generally the
   quality of presentations is high. In an event the size of LinuxCon and
   ELC, it is inevitable for one or two poor choices to slip in. That it
   happens is not an indicator of a larger problem, but the TAB is
   certainly available to LF program committees whenever there are
   questions about a proposal.

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