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Minutes of the November 2013 TAB meeting

This is an experimental page holding the November 7, 2013 TAB meeting minutes.  We'll see how it goes.

Public minutes for the TAB meeting held 2013-11-07, 21:00 UTC

Present: Chris Mason
     James Bottomley (chair)
     John Linville
     Ted Ts'o
     Sarah Sharp
     Ric Wheeler
     Jonathan Corbet (recorder)

1: Election of new vice chair

   Jon made the mistake of volunteering, was duly elected.  A new election
   will be held around April for both chair and vice chair.

2: James welcomed the new members to the committee.

3: 2014 Linux Plumbers Conference

   The proposal submitted by Jes Sorensen was deemed to be the best of all
   presented (there being no other proposals).  James reminded the members
   of the LPC web site that describes how proposals should look, found at

   All seemed to agree that the proposal seemed strong and that the
   committee should be able to get the job done.

   Selection of TAB members to be a part of the committee: Greg had
   volunteered via email ahead of time.  Ric offered his help with the
   storage/filesystem track, and with the committee as a whole if needed.
   James also volunteered for this role.

   Sarah noted that lightning talks were a part of the plan; she suggested
   that we advise the committee to obtain slides ahead of time to avoid
   the presentation of inappropriate material.

   Those present voted unanimously to accept the proposal.


   [UEFI discussions are held under NDA].

5: Minutes

   Ted noted that he has fallen behind on getting the meeting minutes onto
   the web site, but that they all exist in the mailing list archive.
   Those minutes will be prepared and posted.  Jon will learn how to put up
   the minutes so he can start falling behind on the task.

6: Change the meeting time?

   Everybody present was happy with the current 21:00 UTC meeting time, but
   few were happy with the invites in Moscow time.  James will attempt to
   post an item on a Google calendar; all committee members should send him
   their Google IDs for access to this calendar.

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