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Minutes of the May 2015 TAB Meeting

Thursday, May 7th, 21:00UTC


  • Grant Likely (Chair)
  • Jon Corbet (Vice-chair & recorder)
  • Kristen Accardi
  • H. Peter Anvin
  • Matthew Garrett
  • John Linville
  • Amanda McPhearson (LF)

1. Plumbers planning status

Jon reports that planning for Plumbers in Seattle is going well and they are starting to get registrations.

We need to start planning for the Plumbers in 2016. Amanda has already had conversations with Elena, James and Ted. Elena and James are proposing Plumbers and Kernel Summit be co-located in 2016. At the moment we don't have a group lined up to organize next year, so the TAB will need to make a decision on venue without the input of next years planning committee. The options before us are to go with the Kernel Summit + Plumbers option, continue to collocate with LinuxCon, or do Plumbers as a completely separate event. 

Amanda is happy with the plan, but are a little concerned that Plumbers will impact the quality of papers submitted for LinuxCon. They would appreciate commitment from the TAB and Plumbers planning committee to help out with the LinuxCon Program Committee to offset any impact. 

Regardless, the TAB also needs to get the call for bids out soon. Jon will draft a call for proposals and send it to our internal list for review. Since we also need to make a decision soon, Grant will send an email to the list calling for a formal vote on next year.

(Ballot was sent out May 12th asking if Plumbers should be collocated with Kernel Summit in 2016. All 8 members who responded voted “Yes”)

In related news, there was a small amount of discussion around helping on the LinuxCon program committee, with Grant, Jon and Kristen all volunteering to help review submissions.

2. UEFI Status

[UEFI discussions are held under NDA]

Meeting Adjourned at 22:41

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