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Minutes of the May 2014 TAB Meeting

Minutes for the May 1, 2014 TAB meeting


  • Ric Wheeler
  • James Bottomley (chair, recorder)
  • Chris Mason
  • John Linville
  • Sarah Sharp
  • (Jim Zemlin)
  • (Amanda McPherson)


  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Jon Corbet

1. Kernel Testing Project

Email update from Greg: I've rejected a patch to add some kernel-api checks to the scripts directory :) I'm working with someone who I hope can take the maintainership of “testing” on, still trying to work out the details with their employer at the moment.

2. Plumbers Update

Have 3 accepted MCs plus another 7 under consideration. RT workshop wants to co-locate plus have over $100k in sponsorship, so event is well on track. Ric doesn't like the process for submitting Microconferences (too much pre-population of the event). There was discussion of how onerous this is and James undertook to pass the views on to the Plumbers Committee.

3. UEFI Secure boot

[UEFI discussions are held under NDA]

4. Other UEFI Updates

[UEFI discussions are held under NDA]

5. Enterprise End User summit

For content, Ric will ping Sage, Johannes and Tejun. Jes Sorensen may also be moving to NY.

6. Critical Infrastructure Initiative:

[Discussion held under NDA]

Meeting Closed at around 21:40

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