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Minutes of the March 2015 TAB Meeting

        Amanda McPherson
        Chris Mason
        Grant Likely
        Greg Kroah-Hartman
        John Linville
        Jonathan Corbet
        Kristen Accardi
        Matthew Garrett
        Peter Anvin
        Sarah Sharp

0) Action item review

   Grant to talk to Jim about TAB input into Linux Foundation projects:
   this hasn't happened yet but will by the next meeting.  Grant would like
   a presentation from Amanda or Jim on upcoming LF projects with an eye
   toward how the TAB can help.

   Kristen to provide a new draft on the electoral process proposal: This
   item fell off the list for a bit and the last draft has proved hard to
   find; the TAB distributed email backup system will be used to recover it
   and push this item forward.

1) The VMware lawsuit

   The Linux Foundation is looking at the action with input from Karen
   Copenhaver.  There seemed to be general agreement that there is no need
   for statements from the LF or the TAB; it's mostly a matter of watching
   the case play out.

2) Internet trolling

   Matthew said that interest has moved from doing a developer survey
   toward mining the commit logs for information on new developers,
   developer retention, etc.  Jon offered his gitdm scripts just in case
   they might prove helpful there.

   Greg has sent the “code of conflict” proposal to some 85 developers and
   maintainers, getting something like 65 acks.  The patch adding it to the
   documentation directory has been sent to Linus.  It was purposely not
   posted publicly to avoid unpleasant bikeshedding discussions.  Greg is
   working on a blog post.

   The other thing that is needed is some sort of checklist for the TAB to
   follow describing how the response to an abuse claim should go.  Greg
   will post a draft for discussion.

3) Project updates.

   Testing is “going good.”  The Critical Infrastructure Initiative is also
   going well; more proposals have come in and more money has been passed
   on to the GPG maintainer.

   Plumbers is going well, not much news.  Three microconfs have been
   approved so far.  Greg has dropped out of the organizing committee,
   leading to concerns that the TAB should put forward somebody else to
   take his place.  Jon noted that the group seems to have things pretty
   well in hand, but no harm can come from having another TAB observer
   there. Only a small amount of arm-twisting was required before Kristen

4) Public communications from the TAB

   Grant wants to put together a blog post on TAB activities as a way of
   answering the perennial “what does the TAB actually do?” questions.

5) Vice chair

   Jon was re-elected for another year.

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