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Minutes of the March 2014 TAB Meeting

Minutes for the March 6th, 2014 TAB meeting


  • James Bottomley (chair, recorder)
  • Matthew Garrett
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • John Linville
  • Ric Wheeler
  • Jesse Barnes

1. Plumbers Update

Everything going well, funding at about where it was last year but nothing to be smug about. Currently there are 5 MC proposals on the Wiki, but Plumbers could do with some help finding more (call to arms for TAB members). Ric asked about Double slots and James said it would be up to the current Plumbers PC.


[UEFI Discussions are held under NDA]

3. UEFI plugfest

There's a UEFI plug fest scheduled for Seattle on 13 May. Unfortunately James and Matthew will both be at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta, so Greg will attend (with any other volunteers) and report back.

4. Any Other Business

The LF Board has requested a status update from the TAB at the next Board meeting in Napa on 28 March. James plans to give current state of UEFI and Plumbers. The TAB currently has no other requests to make of the LF board.

Meeting closed at 21:11UTC

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