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Minutes of the July 2015 TAB Meeting

Grant Likely
Jon Corbet
Kristen Accardi
Matthew Garrett
Thomas Gleixner
John Linville
Chris Mason
Amanda McPhearson (LF)

1. Action Item Review
No outstanding actions

2. Electoral Process
Before the meeting, Kristen posted a new draft of the electoral
process with past comments addressed. Everyone seems happy with the
process. It addresses the problems we've had in the past without
attempting to solve theoretical ones. One amendment was proposed, and
accepted, to be clear about how many candidates could be voted for on
a single ballot.

Kristen Accardi moved to adopt the amended electoral processes (copied
below), seconded by John Linville. Passed unanimously.

With the new process accepted, the remaining work is logistics. As
usual, the election will be held at Kernel Summit. Our custom in
recent years is to hold the election at a joint evening for Kernel
Summit and a co-located event. This year KS is in Korea co-located
with the 1-day Korea Linux Forum, a smaller event. Matthew wondered if
this would cause a problem since it will heavily skew turnout in
favour of KS attendees. However, it is not unheard of since we've held
the election with small co-located events in the past (ie. Japan
2009). Also, our TAB charter is specific that our electorate is Kernel
Summit attendees. If we want to do something different, we need to
propose a charter change to the LF directors.

Grant will give the KS planning committee a heads up that we've begun
election planning. Kristen has volunteered to act as election
coordinator, and will let Angela know what we will need in terms of
venue and equipment.

3. Plumbers 2016
Plumbers 2015 is just about upon us, and we're going to need to kick
of 2016 planning in pretty short order. Last we talked about it we
agreed that Plumbers 2016 should co-locate with Kernel Summit and an
as-yet-undetermined location. Jon has investigated Boulder, but it
appears there aren't any suitably sized conference centres in the area
and he must resign himself to not having all 350 of us around to his
house for a BBQ. Angela is still investigating venues, and we should
hear back soon.

Still, even without a venue, we can start preparing to issue a CFP.
Jon has volunteered to dust off the old CFP and prepare to send it out
once we know where the venue will be. Given that we've already decided
to co-locate with Kernel Summit, choice of venue will be removed from
the CFP, but the option remains for the planning committee to choose
evening events or other activities.

4. Plumbers 2014
Report from Jon: Planning is going well. There are about 60 people on
the waiting list at the moment after registration sold out very
quickly. Companies are showing keen interest in the silver
sponsorships as a back door for getting their employees in the door,
so that option may need to be closed down soon. As comes up every
year, we should discuss options with the LF and the current planning
committee about how to handle the high popularity of Plumbers. Do we
increase the size? Raise the registration cost?

There is going to need to be a Plumbers de-brief meeting anyway, and
having it face to face at Plumbers makes the most sense. Kristen will
ask to get a BoF scheduled well in advance so that we're not trying to
collect people in the hallways at the last minute.

5. Project updates: UEFI
Matthew posted to the mailing list about needing to make a new release
of Shim due to changes in Secure Boot policies. Everyone is encouraged
to go and read his email and respond on-list.

6. LF Collaborative Projects
At next month's meeting Jim will present to the TAB the vetting
process for collaborative projects, and how the decision to adopt a
project is made. Please be ready with your questions. Being always
prepared, Thomas already had his question handy: Does the Linux
Foundation have the resources needed to run all of the collaborative
projects? We all look forward to being entertained and informed by Jim
next month.

Meeting adjourned at about 9:45GMT

Electoral Process


Nominations should continue as previously.  Nominations will occur via
email, or in person at the time of the election.


Elections shall take place via a printed ballot vote unless there is no one
competing for slots.  For example, if we have 5 open slots, and only 5
people running, election is a formality and can be done via voice.

In the case where multiple people are running for the same position,
Ballots will be pre-printed with all the nominations that were collected up
to 24 hours prior to the election.  There will be spaces left for write ins
for nominations that occur at the time of the election.

Each person present at the time of the election shall be handed a printed
ballot.  Voters may vote for as many candidates as they wish. Only one
vote per candidate will be counted. A space will be provided where
they can fill out the ballot in private and place it into a box to be
counted in private.

Counting the votes:
Votes will be counted immediately following the election by 2-3 members of
TAB committee that are not up for reelection, or by designated community

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