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Minutes of the January 2014 TAB meeting

Minutes for the January 2, 2014 TAB meeting

Present: James Bottomley (chair)
     Jonathan Corbet (recorder)
     John Linville
     Sarah Sharp
     Jesse Barnes

1) Linux Plumbers Conference update

   James reported that things are “going reasonably well”.  The web site is
   archived and ready, but will not go public until the Linux Foundation
   decides on the CFP date.  A draft LPC CFP is circulating now.  There is
   still a need for a process for getting invitation letters out for
   attendees needing a visa to enter Germany.

2) Secure boot

   [Secure boot discussions are held under NDA]

3) Other UEFI business

   No discussion this month.

4) TAB meeting minutes

   The redacted versions of the November and December 2013 minutes were
   approved for public posting.  (Note that this has now happened on ; the LF
   has been notified that the TAB membership shown on that page is still

   Jon will work on cleaning up and posting minutes from previous meetings
   on a time-available basis.

There being no other business, the meeting closed in record time.

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