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May 2011 TAB Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on May 5, 2011. Here are the minutes for that meeting.



  • James Bottomley
  • Ted Tso
  • Chris Mason
  • Jon Corbet
  • John Lindville
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Grant Likely
  • Alan Cox



Meeting called to order at 2:03PM US/Eastern


Update on Plumbers

[James] Site visit after the collab summit.  Everything is going well.

So far, for the referred papers, we have 36 submissions for 18 slots. The deadline has been extended by two weeks so that a platinum sponsor could get their submissions in.

As far as the microconference tracks are concerned, there are some MC track suggestions that need to be vetted, and we need to make sure all of the MC track leads are active.  James will be working with Paul on that front.

In general, things seem to be going as well as they were at this time last year.

TAB Buddy programme [Mike]

No contact between TAB and their buddies.   The next opportunity for face to face contact will be the LinuxCon in Vancouver.

Further actions on better involvement of Academia in Linux [Thomas/Ted]

Ted will talk to Ellie this week or next.

NYSE Mama [James]: The board voted to adopt MAMA as a LF workgroup.

James and a few TAB members attended.  As noted, the LF board has formally voted to adopt MAMA as a workgroup.  The details (mailing list, who will be the wg chair, etc.) still need to be sorted out.


Any other business

Minutes for the TAB?

Alan will prepare text files for the rest of the 2010 minutes, and Grant 2011 minutes.  Ted will get them posted on the web site once they've been prepared.  (Many thanks to Alan and Grant)

With no other business, the TAB meeting was closed at 2:20PM US/Eastern.

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