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March 2011 TAB Minutes


  • John Linville
  • Hugh Blemmings
  • Ted Tso
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Chris Mason
  • James Bottomley
  • Jon Corbet

TAB Chair/Vice Chair election.

Only current nominees are Ted and James … in the absence of any other nominations (which can be made up to the vote) we'll be re-elected unopposed.

With no other nominations, Ted and James will be this year's Chair and Vice Chair.

Discussion of the role of the TAB within the LF

… what people want and what we should be doing about it.  You've had a month  to think, so I hope people will bring some ideas …

Greg brought up (via e-mail) engaging with standards organizations: USB

What about storage?  At the moment we have other ways of accessing the specs, and we are implementing pre-standards specs anyway.  Same is true for WiFI alliance.

US-based conferences.  We've been largely successful at this.

Better engagement with the Academic community.  Thomas has been doing this with the real-time academic community.  We will try to set up something with FAST and Storage area as a pilot project.  Ted will talk to Ellie about trying to set up a separate one day workshop that would be explicitly oriented towards this goal.

Non-US conferences: How can the TAB help, especially with the LinuxCon Europe in Prague.  One way is to help twist arms from US-based developers who will be going to Prague anyway to submit papers.

Any other business.

Greg will attend the LF Board meeting since James and Ted will be busy at the LSF.

There is concern that this year's Plumbers isn't making enough forward progress.  Part of this may be caused by a lack of project management discplines. (i.e., regular weekly calls, action item lists, spreadsheets with tasks/deadlines, etc.)  Members from last year's planning committee is willing to participate on the weekly calls (just as the folks from the portland planning committee did last year), but that presupposes the existence of the weekly calls.  James will send a note to the this year's planning commitee expressing our concern and offers to help.

Meeting adjourned at 48 minutes after the hour.

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