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June 2010 TAB Minutes


  • Jon Corbet
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Chris Mason
  • Dave
  • John
  • Chris Wright
  • Ted Tso
  • Thomas Gleixner
  • Amanda McPherson
  • Jim Zemlin

ACTION: Amanda to find us a better concall number

1. No one has submitted any suggestions for what Michael should be working on.  Last call for suggestions

Start date is July 1st.

ACTION: Jim will ping Michael K. and find out from how many hours he will be working and negotiate a fair rate.

Active review of userspace ABI's and continuing to update kernel man pages.  Also device driver subsystems, starting with V4L.

Another possible layer to consider documenting is the Input layer.  We need to check the state of the current documentation.

ACTION: James will send a note to Michael, and cc the TAB for this statement of work.  Technical

(if any, seems best to let the distro lawyers handle it) [DaveJ, James]

James called up Karen, and is scheduled to talk to her next week.  She didn't want to give him details over the phone, but she did say that it wasn't the copyright assignment business.

Ted is willing to attend on June 16th in Boston.  Alan might be able to attend on the 23rd.  Jim suggested that James talk to Karen and make sure this is worth attending so we don't waste time if it's something innocuous.

These Copyright Harmonization also want to a panel slot at LinuxCon.

ACTION: Amanda will talk to Amanda Brock and tell her that a slot will be approved contingent on TAB member being on the panel.

ACTION: James will talk to Karen and get more information about what is going on.

Any other business

Jim briefed the TAB on Linaro (which was announced today).

He gave a supporting quote for the press release but turned down a position on the technical steering committee.  He asked the TAB if there was any advice he should have given them other than “work up stream”, and “we don't need another distribution”.  There was concern (shared by both the TAB and Jim) about contracting this sort of work out to an OSV, since there could be conflicts of interests that result given any OSV's business models.

The general conclusion was that people spending money on trying to make Linux better is a good thing, and to the extent that Jim can give them advice so they can achieve their stated goals, he will do so.

Meeting adjourned at 1pm US/Eastern.

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