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July 2011 TAB Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on Thursday July 7th, 2011. Here are the minutes from that meeting.


  • James Bottomley
  • Jon Corbet
  • Hugh Blemmings
  • Grant Likely
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman


Meeting opened 20:00UTC

Update on Plumbers [James/Grant]

Plumbers seems to be going OK. There was a problem with hotel bookings for the Friday night but (with the help of Angela) it's been sorted out although Friday is a far more expensive night than Tuesday-Thursday.

Update on NYSE MAMA and Licensing [James]

As anticipated it was a communication problem between engineers and lawyers.  This is now sorted out and the MAMA project accepted the recommendation to adopt the LGPL for their user space library.

TAB Buddy programme update

James has actually made contact with his Buddy.  Greg will ping his. Hugh, Jon and Grant would like buddies.

Minutes for the Website

Grant will figure out how to upload the minutes via the site rather than trying to have someone from the LF place them in the TAB folder.

Any other Business

Hugh asked if Plumbers needs people to arrive early to be on-site volunteers.  James doesn't know yet but will ask.

Meeting closed at 20:15UTC

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