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January 2010 TAB Minutes

1. Moblin Copyright issue.

Weekly open steering committee calls; we haven't had one since early december.  I haven't had an opportunity to speak to these guys about it.    They have received a paragraph or two sent from Novell in a round-about way.  They are rethinking the copyright/licensing language, and expanding the steering committee.   There has been radio silence, mostly due to the holidays.  Jim will continue to ping them.

There is also another issue where the canonical is trying to convince GNOME to accept their licensing agreement.

Should we do anything about this officially as the TAB?  Michael Meeks has a good summary of the issue.   We should probably wait until Jim can hear back from Moblin, hopefully in a week or two.  Jon will

2.  OSAPA.  No news at all.  The project may shut down.   (The patent office may decide that it doesn't need proximity searches.)   Jim suggests that maybe they shoud talk to Linux Defenders.  

3.  Should we move the meeting?  

4.  There should be TAB elections in March.


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