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February 2011 TAB Minutes


  • John Linville
  • James Bottomley
  • Hugh Blemmings
  • Ted Tso
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Thomas Gleixner
  • Chris Mason
  • Alan Cox
  • Grant Likely
  • Amanda McPherson (Linux Foundation)
  • Mike Wooster 

 (Linux Foundation, joined during collab summit discussion)


TAB Chair/Vice Chair Elections

Will be held at the March Meeting (3 Mar).  First call for nominations. Traditionally happens in March so that the newcomers understand what we're doing

  • Ted nominates himself for Vice-Chair.
  • James is willing to be stand for election for Chair.

Nominations are open until right before the vote at the March meeting.

Collaboration Summit (SF, 6-8 April).

Is there anything we want to collaborate on (TAB status update)?  Also may need a volunteer to go to the Board Meeting as observer (Clashes with LSF/MM 11).

Brainstorm for ideas for Collab Summit

  • “Meet the developers” — get people from the TAB and the LSF/MM
  • Helping a company become more aligned with open source
    • There are multiple companies that have done this transition or made moves to be more upstream aligned: Qualcomm, TI, Linaro, Samsung, Atheros, etc.
  • Device Lightning Round
    • for people to talk about new devices that use Linux (looking for devices/companies are really cool)
  • The usual Kernel Panel session
  • Thomas is willing to do a “what it means to be a core kernel programmer”
  • James is interested in doing a very technical talk on page cache coherency on non-x86 platforms


Been a bit surreal.  They want to know if any other linux patent projects could help with hosting.  Suggested OIN and introduced them to linuxdefenders neither of which they'd ever heard.

What do we think the TAB should be within the LF

ACTION: James will accumulate historical documents of what we've done in a private area of the wiki.  Some of those should perhaps be put in the public.

Giving advice to companies who are joining the LF, and who are interested in being more involved with the upstream community.  (i.e., helping them to change their culture.)  Hugh suggested that perhaps we could help mentor new companies by assigning a TAB member as a “buddy” for a new company.

Another suggestion was to perhaps have the TAB review new consumer devices and help highlight ones that use Linux.

Blog syndication on the LF web site and on

White papers (such as the “who writes Linux” and “a tale of two graphics drivers”), which can help drive change in the industry or illustrate some key points that we think it would be useful for everyone to know.

Any other business.

Mike asked about what we thought about giving the Open-HA folks free wiki space.  No one seemed to have a lot of problems about it.  Ted just warned that we should make sure it's done in a scalable way so we can support other projects, and so that wiki namespaces between different projects don't get entangled.

Meeting adjourned at 2:09pm CT


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