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April 2011 TAB Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on Thursday April 7, 2011 during the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco.  Here are the minutes for the meeting.


  • Grant Likely
  • Jon Corbet
  • James Bottomley
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Thomas Gleixner
  • Ted Tso
  • Chris Mason


Meeting called to order at 8:06am.

Plumbers conference

There are now weekly conference calls.  Grant and James have been attending.  There will be a site visit to Santa Rosa on Friday.

LF Board meeting report

The board is worried that the quality of candidates for the affiliate candidates.  So for the election next year, the board would be happy if TAB members also stand for affiliate

Alan Clar is now the secretary.  Qualcomm gave a talk about LLVM, and why they were funding it.  The tried to make some general statements about how it would overtake GCC.

TAB buddies

James and Greg hasn't met with their buddies yet.  A report of how well this program is working will have to wait until it gets off the ground.

Qualcomm felt left out, so they want a buddy too.  Grant or Thomas might be interested.  We'll wait and see if Qualcomm formally requests a buddy.

Further actions on beter involvement of Academia in Linux.

Real time has the next scheduled conference with real-time next month in Portugal.  The 4th shared conference we have.  The real-time linux workshop will be in Prague a few days before the kernel summit (instead of Kansas, where it was going to be previously scheduled.)

Ted will talk to Ellie about trying to setup a workshop that is focused Linux use in academic research.  Linux kernel developers will show up as a service to the graduate students (but not try to transact any LSF business, as we tried to do 2-3 years ago, which didn't work).

Red Hat has this thing called “Possie” — tries to help CS professors to learn Linux and teach it.  They're coming to RIT this summer.   Chris will try to hook up with them and see how it goes.

Hard drives and the IDEMA proposal

There's an initiative to try to get UEFI on ARM.  Grant wondered if we should get involved.  Apparently Intel is pushing the UEFI initiative, and is supplying people.  The UEFI has wanted Linux people to talk to, but we've been running away because most of the Linux technical people have been running away because of a scary-thick standards document.

IDEMA wants an committee of Linux people to talk to.  James and Ted are interested.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45am Pacific

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