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April 2010 TAB Minutes

TAB Members present: Chris, Jon, Ted, James, Greg K-H, Kristen, Chris W.
Others present: Angela, Jenifer, Jim, Amanda, Tess

     1. Presentation of the LPC accounts from Portland in 2009.  Since
        the TAB is the steering committee, it actually has overall
        financial responsibility, so we need to check these. [James,

James summarized the difference between revenues and expenses for the
past year.

Discussion about interest; James points out it's only $75 or so.  Jim
points out that the LF doesn't charge for all of the time and effort
which Amanda and Angela put in.  Ted notes that in a real business
account, we'd be charged for every deposit and check written, which
often balances out the interest, and it may not be worth tracking at
that level.

Discussion about the surplus, and what is the targetted reserve should
be.  We currently have a surplus of roughly $75k.  After general
discussion, there was general agreement that a desirable surplus level
is $100k, but that the goal of the conference should be to break even,
not to turn a profit.  Given that Angela has already raised $85k in
sponsorship money, there was general agreement that the TAB should
recommend to the Boston Plumbers organizers that more money be used for
travel scholarships for developers whose day job isn't involved with
Linux engineering or whose employers can't or won't pay for them to go
to LPC.

     2. BBC DRM Statement.  Looks like the Board is happy to acquiesce,
        so it merely needs to be sent out [Jim].

The DRM statement has already been sent out, and it's already getting
picked up in the press.  The URL is:

     3. Android Summit.  Check that we have attendees and dates and
        everything's going OK [Ted]

The following people are signed up as going:

        Rafael, Matthew Garret, Greg, James, Jon, Ted, Brian, Arve,
        Daniel Walker

After discussing it with folks, the Android Summit has been scheduled
for Thursday, 10am in the Kyoto Room.

     4. Doc Writer Fellowship. Did anyone get feedback from Michael or
        anyone else?

Jim will talk to him this week. 

Ted asked about how we want to handle management/reporting structures.
James suggested we start with something lightweight, such as e-mail
status reports sent to the TAB on a monthly basis.

Jon asked what we wanted Michael to work on.   Suggestions should be
sent to the TAB list.  It's likely that if we don't give him specific
requests, he'll continue working on the kernel man pages.

     5. Any other business.

OSAPA has actually started to move.  They've decided to build a search
engine using Apache Lucene to index the kernel documents (since it does
proximity search).


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