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Announcing the new TAB

On Thursday, Sept. 4th we held our first meeting since the TAB elections at Kernel
Summit and LinuxCon last month. As is our custom, this meeting
included both incoming and outgoing members.

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to our outgoing members,
James Bottomley, Jesse Barnes and Ric Wheeler, who have all served
faithfully and done a great job representing our community. I
especially want to thank James who has served as the TAB chair since
its inception and has tirelessly championed Linux and Open Source

Stepping into the TAB are three newly elected members, Kristen
Accardi, H. Peter Anvin, and me, Grant Likely. Both Kristen and Peter
are well known and respected members of our community, and I'm looking
forward to working with them. This is Peter's first term on the TAB,
while Kristen and I have both served previously.

Each year the TAB elects a chair to coordinate our meetings and
represent the TAB on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors. Since
the chair was held by one of our outgoing members, our first order of
business yesterday was to elect a new chair. I'm honoured to announce
that the TAB selected me to fill the position and I'll work hard to
live up to their expectations.

The members of the TAB are now:
Chair: Grant Likely
Vice-chair: Jonathan Corbet
Kristen Accardi
H. Peter Anvin
Matthew Garrett
Thomas Gleixner
Greg Kroah-Hartman
John Linville
Chris Mason
Sarah Sharp

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