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Unikernelized Real Time Linux & IoT

Saturday, October 21, 2017 • 15:20 - 15:50


Unikernel is a novel software technology that links an application with OS in the form of a library and packages them into a specialized image that facilitates direct deployment on a hypervisor. There are already open source projects supporting this technology: OSv, Rumprun etc.

Unikernels are facing three major challenges:

  1. Compatibility with existing applications
  2. Lack of production support (e.g. monitoring, debugging, logging)
  3. Lack of compelling use case.

This presentation will discuss how Linux can be converted to a Unikernel with the primary target of resource constrained IoT devices.

While existing Unikernels match the resource constraints of IoT devices, they lack wide hardware support, proper power management and Real-Time properties.

The talk gives an introduction to Unikernel Realtime Linux and aims to foster a discussion about the possible solutions to make Unikernels successful in the IoT space.


Anyone interested in Unikernel and Linux for IoT


Tiejun Chen, VMware

Tiejun is a staff engineer from ATC, Advanced Technology Center, VMware China, working on Unikernel & IoT & Serverless research projects. He contributed to the kernel and the RT project during his earlier employments at Wind River and Intel.

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