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State of the union

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 • 14:00 - 14:40


We'll give an overview over the ongoing development of the realtime preemption patch including our mainlining activities.


Everyone interested in preempt RT development


Thomas Gleixner, Linutronix GmbH

Thomas Gleixner is a long time Linux kernel hacker with embedded background and a strong affinity to impossible missions. He is (Co)Maintainer for x86, everything about timers, generic interrupt subsystem and some more in the Linux Kernel. Furthermore he desperately keeps the real-time preemption patch in shape and merges it piecewise into the mainline kernel.

Sebastian Siewior, Linutronix GmbH

Sebastian Siewior maintains the Preempt-RT patchset for several years as part of his work for Linutronix, and once he even ported -RT to m68knommu. Two years ago he presented what it means to play catch up with mainline with the -RT patchset at Linux Plumbers.

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