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Pattern based failure analysis of Real-Time systems

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 • 15:10 - 15:50


Analyzing RT latency problems can be hard for the casual user. We therefor try to utilize pattern analysis for aiding developers and users in analyzing latency problems. I'll present an overview of our approach of an annotated scheduling pattern database and the technologies to match a trace from a user system against it. An outlook into other use cases like failure prediction is given.


Users and developers of realtime systems and developers of tracing, debugging and failure analysis tools.


Thomas Gleixner, Linutronix GmbH

Thomas Gleixner is a long time Linux kernel hacker with embedded background and a strong affinity to impossible missions. He is (Co)Maintainer for x86, everything about timers, generic interrupt subsystem and some more in the Linux Kernel. Furthermore he desperately keeps the real-time preemption patch in shape and merges it piecewise into the mainline kernel.

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