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Futexes are cursed

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 • 16:10 - 16:40


The design of the FUTEX API led to a state where the kernel knows very little where a futex may be and who may do what to it. The kernel code has a few regular cases which are handled and most of it are corner cases. On -RT we suffer a little more than the others. However the improvements made in -RT also benefit non-RT people. This talk highlights some of them, how we found them, what we did about it.


RT users and developers


Sebastian Siewior, Linutronix GmbH

Sebastian Siewior maintains the Preempt-RT patchset for several years as part of his work for Linutronix, and once he even ported -RT to m68knommu. Two years ago he presented what it means to play catch up with mainline with the -RT patchset at Linux Plumbers.

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