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cset is a command of the Python application cpuset. It eases the use of the Linux kernel facility cpusets.

The cpuset project is hosted on github:

Install cpuset

Cpuset can be installed from source or with a prebuilt binary package.

Clone the repository to install it from source (the author recommends to create an rpm, see INSTALL for detailed description):

git clone

For Debian and Ubuntu cpuset is already packaged. It simply can be installed using the following command on terminal (the version may differ from the latest availabe version on github!):

 $ sudo apt-get update
 $ sudo apt-get install cpuset

Further prebuild binary packages are available on Open Build Service:

How to use cset

A detailed tutorial how to use cset is available:

  • in “cpuset/docs/tutorial.[txt/html]”, if the git repository was cloned


  • in “/usr/share/doc/cpuset/tutorial.html”, when the package was installed


  • refere to github for a cset tutorial.
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