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last update: 02-MAY-2006


short and easy jobs

1-3 hour jobs

longer jobs

overall "tagging system" roadmap

  • create list of interactive tagging tools
  • evaluate tools, choosing one closest to our needs (or learning from one):
    • external information pointers
    • “author” tagging
    • “community” tagging
    • three-level tagging
    • tag export
    • tag inference engine
    • tagging API (for source crawlers)
  • modify/implement tagging tool, getting it to a usable state
  • create packagable version of the software
  • install software on
  • attempt to tag a specific piece of software
    • choose “what” to tag
    • modify tagging tool based on input from community
    • choose export language (RDF, DOAP, others?)
    • choose basic solution to time-stamping metadata changes
  • have tagging meeting to get people in physical proximity
  • request input from USPTO on usefulness of prototype (but continue work)
  • approach freshmeat, SF, with working prototype
    • likely they'll want the DB schema or the export language
  • popularize software tagging at the project-management level
  • popularize software tagging at the community level
    • must be FLOSS
    • must be actually useful
    • must be easy to use
  • attempt to search against exported tags from multiple repositories
    • work out any identified issues
  • approach google, yahoo about carrying exported metadata
  • get input from USPTO on search engine interfaces
    • improve search elements
  • rinse, lather, repeat
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