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Manny W. Schecter
Associate General Counsel
Intellectual Property Law
IBM Corporation

Manny W. Schecter is Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property Law, in the IBM Technology & Intellectual Property organization. In his current position, Mr. Schecter advises on IBM intellectual property legislative and policy matters. He also guides the intellectual property law organizations that support IBM's services and sales organizations. Mr. Schecter has been employed by IBM for over 20 years, including positions in Burlington, VT, Arlington, VA, Tucson, AZ, Yorktown Heights, NY, and his current position in IBM corporate headquarters in Armonk, NY.

Mr. Schecter is a graduate of Cornell University and the George Washington University Law School. He is admitted to practice law in Arizona, the District of Columbia, and New York, and he is registered to practice before the US Patent & Trademark Office. (cited)

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