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Many tools use some kind of tag-normalizations. This seems to be a fundamental part of each tagging engine wich should probably be copied by OSSTag.

  • ccHost - all tags are converted to lower-case
  • FreeTag - Tag-normalization (lowercase, removal of non-alphanumeric chars) → searching for NY, ny and N.Y. will all find the same results

Tagging Structure

Only three tools go beyond a flat tagging structure:

What to tag

No tool made any attempt to use some special thesaurus for tagging. Some really good ideas can be found here:

A more concrete way to use a special thesaurus with information from Wikipedia is described at Which tags do we allow


  • Tasty has an interface via HTTP GET/POST
  • Taggee has an interface via HTTP GET/POST

This is also a way we could use to provide a central tagging server


No tool implements distributed tagging-engines. All use a central database.


The tool that is closest to what we need would be FreeTag .

I suggest to write a prototype from scratch with the primary goal to try out several tagging-structures. OSSTag v0.1 could be enhanced for 3-level-tagging and n-level-tagging in combination with wikipedia or ACM thesaurus. Then we could try to tag a project with each combination of these ways and see which fits best for our needs ..

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