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Which meta-information for files getting timestamped do we store

All infos are optional, but in my prevalent-implementation i required that any three options had to be specified, but no specific one was required.

These are of course additional to the hash-values, which are required :)


  • filename
  • the filename that was timestamped
  • projecthomepage
  • the url of the project's homepage
  • projectname
  • name of the project to which the file belongs
  • documenttype
  • currently: undefined, text or binary
  • downloadurl
  • url where the file is available for public download
  • submission time/date
  • when this info was sent to the publictimestamp server


  • email
  • contact email address. This information can be requested for help in legal cases. We could also implement a way to send emails via a web-form without showing the email address.
  • submission IP
  • the IP address from which the submission was sent to us; only statistically interesting.

<< Public Timestamp

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