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  • easy integration in existing systems
  • tag whole projects (this is what the other tagging-systems do)
  • tag single files
  • tag collection of files
  • tag source-parts within a source-file
  • provide freely definable tagging-classes (like functions, packages, directories, .. )
  • distinguish between tags from everybody to those from project-owners (maybe also from registered/unregistered users)
  • web-interface for tagging
  • code-comment system to add tags (developers only of course) maybe like javadoc?
  • relevance of tags (defined by developers? defined by number of submissions?)
  • date/time of tag-submission
  • removal of tags
  • automatic take-over from tags to new releases/files?
  • upper/lower case auto-detection for tags (e.g. linux was submitted 5 times and Linux 300 times, then the tag would appear as Linux)
  • filter-plugin-interface (e.g. to add a stop-word filter for spam-words)
  • templates for tag-displaying (e.g. add <href or class-attributes for each displayed tag)

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