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“Web-based System Supporting Remixing and Collaboration on Media”

tagging-part of the software

  • uses tag-min-length and tag-max-length constants
  • supports AdminTags
  • maps tag-urls via separate url-mapper, includes permissions (admin_only or dont_care_logged_in)
  • all tags are converted to lower-case
  • compares new tags to already existing ones if not inserted by admin
  • all tags are treated equally (no levels or tagging-classes)
  • deletion of tags allowed
  • has pretty complex database-layer which creates sql-statements based on changes in php-objects. (this part might be useful, at least it could be valuable as 'code-snippet')

other comments

  • not primarily tagging-engine, but web-based infrastructure to support collaboration, sharing, and storage of multi-media
  • optimized for Audio files (e.g. extracts MP3 ID-Tags from mp3-files)

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