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Support for Fuji Xerox C240 printer PCL

We have recently installed a used Fuji Xerox C240 colour multi function printer in our office which is a Mac only environment. All machines are running mountain lion.

The standard Apple and Fuji drivers are for Postscript only but the printer does not have a postscript kit.
I have also tried downloading Open Source drivers using hpijs and associated pre-requisites rom the OpenPrinting forum but this specific printer is not listed. I have tried a few other printer model drivers from this solution, plus generic PCL but none will print properly or in colour.

The printer operates fine if I plug my windows laptop into the network with PCL drivers.

We have raised a help ticket with Fuji but so satisfactory resolution yet.

This is a good fast printer - so would really like to get this working but running out of ideas and stretching my technical abilities.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to resolve?

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