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Oki Printing Problem

I have an Oki ML 320 Turbo. It's been working perfectly for years on a Pick system, and now I'm trying to use it with Linux (Ubuntu 10.04).

After working (almost) perfectly for 2 months, it now refuses to print what I send it.

When I type in the lpr command:

lpr -H -P Oki -h -o raw «< “Test Print”

I get the following output on the page:


I get the same result printing the same words from a text file (whereas my other printers all work perfectly). I have tried the todos/fromdos options with no difference in result.

I have since reinstalled the printer using the PPD downloaded directly from the Linux Foundation / OpenPrinting site, but no difference in result.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Ok, so I managed to fix the problem. There were actually 2 problems, hence the struggle for resolution!

Problem 1) The driver listed as Oki ML 320 is not the right one - use the Oki IBM driver instead!

Problem 2) The cable was not connecting properly to the rear of the printer - a firm hand solved that one.

Case closed!

Now to take on professor Moriarty…

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