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HPIJS for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar)

Downloads Required

Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar)

  • The hpijs-foomatic package includes version 2.7.6 of the hpijs driver, the Foomatic-RIP runtime, and PPDs for opver 520 compatible printing devices. This package requires, but does not include, Ghostscript for Mac OS X. Download it from the link below, if necessary.
    source code

Foomatic-RIP for Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar)

  • Foomatic-RIP 3.0.2  (224KB)
  • The Foomatic-RIP package installs the necessary core runtime components (the foomatic-RIP CUPS filter and the foomatic-gswrapper) to enable printing with Foomatic machinery in Mac OS X. This package is generally not useful without Ghostscript and at least one foomatic PPD. Please see the usage instructions below for more details.
    source code included on disk image

Ghostscript for Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar)

  • GPL Ghostscript 8.61 is an open-source PostScript interpreter that includes integrated support for the CUPS printing system in Mac OS X. It is the replacement for ESP Ghostscript.
    GPL Ghostscript is required for all users. It is not necessary to install Ghostsccript more than once.
    source code

Please note: all packages require Mac OS X version 10.2 or newer.

Package Description

Release Date: October 29, 2007

The [[|HPIJS]] driver is the first free, [[|open-source driver]] issued by HP for their DeskJet and LaserJet printers. For most [[|supported printers]], this driver produces output quality equivalent to the proprietary HP drivers. In photo mode, with photo paper, the output quality is very high, especially for the HP DeskJet 990C and later models, which auto-detect the paper type in hardware. Photo printing is fully supported in the newer 6- and 7-ink models.
A major advantage of using this driver over those supplied by HP is the direct interface between HPIJS and the native CUPS spooler, which allows printing from any printer over any available connection such as USB, AppleTalk, TCP/IP (via LPD and IPP), HP JetDirect, and shared windows printers via SAMBA. Additionally, this driver utilizes the existing Mac OS X USB "backend" and thus does not install any software that might interfere with standard USB operation.

Please note:

HPIJS is HP's universal printer driver for most of their non-PostScript printers. It comes as a part of HPLIP, HP Linux Imaging and Printing. The supplied PPDs are provided by and include PPDs for printers made by HP and printers made by other manufacturers. HP does not provide support for any non-HP printer.

  • This installation package does not include the Foomatic-RIP CUPS filter script. If you have not already installed the Foomatic-RIP, you should do so before installing this package.
  • several HP USB devices may not print successfully over the standard Mac OS X USB “backend”. Please see this note for more information.

Printer Set Up Instructions

Jaguar (OS X 10.2.x) users should open Print Center (Jaguar) or Printer Setup Utility (Panther), hold down the **Option** key, and click the **Add Printer** button in the Print Center toolbar. Within the setup sheet, choose **Advanced** from the top popup menu; then in the "Device:" popup menu select your printer by name (it should be the last item in the menu list). Finally, select the correct PPD from the model browser and click **Add**.


The hpijs-Jaguar installer for Mac OS X ncludes support for 635 printers.

More Info

The HPIJS drivers are part of the [[|HP Linux Imaging and Printing Project]] (HPLIP).  They are an add-on printer driver for Ghostscript. This driver is free, open-source software based on the Hewlett-Packard Appliance Printing Development Kit (APDK) for deskjet printers. The driver uses the IJS interface which is a generalized IPC interface for client/server communications. The IJS interface, which was written by Raph Levien of Ghostscript, was inspired by the first HPIJS interface.
Package licenses: HPIJS is issued under the BSD License.  The PPDs are issued under the GPL license.

Mac OS X is a trademark of Apple Inc. HP is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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