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OpenPrinting Meeting on the Linux Foundation Japan Symposium in Tokyo, Japan, November 2007

Where: Tokyo International Forum (room G504)

When: Friday, November 2, 9:00am-5:00pm


  • Jin Izumisawa - Linux Foundation Japan
  • Naruhiko Ogasawara - Ricoh
  • Fumio Nagasaka - Seiko Epson
  • Osamu Mihara - Fuji Xerox
  • Tatsuya Saito - NEC Soft
  • Olaf Meeeuwissen - Epson Avasys
  • Yuji Saito - Epson Avasys
  • Akiyoshi Miyata - Epson Avasys
  • Atsushi Sekiguchi - Konica Minolta
  • Keisho Shida - Canon
  • Yasumasa Toratani - Canon
  • Toshihiro Yamagishi - Turbo Linux
  • Koji Ohtani - BBR
  • Yoshinari Chigusa - Ricoh
  • Markus Rex - Linux Foundation
  • Till Kamppeter - Linux Foundation

Call-in Participation

For everyone who cannot attend in person we try to set up call-in access to the meeting. Please call in at any time during the meeting (10am - 5pm Tokyo time or 1am - 8am UTC) using the following phone number:


and the access code



November 2

9:00am - 10:00am Meeting before the Meeting
On request of some of the participants the OpenPrinting Meeting starts only at 10:00am. Till Kamppeter (and perhaps also Markus Rex) will already bee in the meeting room from 9:00 am on. If you want to meet Till or Markus before the official meeting, feel free to come already before 10:00am.
10:00am - 10:15am Introduction
10:15am - 11:30am OpenPrinting Summit 2007: Results/Status
Results and outcomes of the Printing Summit held in Montreal in September 2007 (Slides).

Till Kamppeter, OpenPrinting Manager, The Linux Foundation
11:30pm - 12:30pm Lunch
12:30am - 1:45pm Technical Forecast
Objective: Practically, in the Linux community, the term to describe the roadmap or milestone may not be welcomed but the local OP members want to discuss the future (for example, 2008 - 2010) technology map/trend that may already have as the operation plan of the LF OP. If these plan is not available yet, discussion could be based on the Till’s first cut. Nevertheless to say that the forecast may have the wide variety of influences or impacts from other factors such as Portland project, Linux kernel/device drivers/installation tool developments and Printer hardware technology enhancements/changes, etc., but they want to discuss with him in taking the privilege of this opportunity.

Main subjects of the afternoon sessions will be (the slides here will not simply be presented, they are linked here to help for the discussion, some of them have also blanks which we will fill in):

* Printer driver/Printing system validation and device discovery issues (Slides)
* PDF workflow: CUPS filters, driver integration (Slides)
* How should drivers be designed/packaged for smooth Linux integration? Distribution-independent driver packages (Slides)
* OpenPrinting API module coherence (Slides)
* OpenPrinting workgroup future directions (Slides)
* Raising manpower: OP JTAPI, OP Embedded, KDE/GNOME Printing
1:45pm - 2:00pm Coffee
2:00pm - 4:00pm Action Plan
Based on the above discussions and existing activities such as Common UI, Distribution Independent DDK, Validation, PDAPI, etc.
Objective: Members want to discuss what subject/activity could be projected for the short tem (three years) plan in the local WG as well as the prerequisite factors and mile stones of OPWG.

Under the current market trend surrounding the Linux community and its related industry, proposing the short-mid term technical forecast and project plan is more practical since the market and technological direction changes so often.

We, OPWG, should draft the action plan (project plan) in short term.

The OP SC should plan to conduct the P.D.C.A.(Plan, Do, Check, Action) after the approval of the plan at least once an every six months since the market and technical trends and these environment may influence the technical forecast as well as action plan.
4:00pm - 5:00pm Discussion, Wrap-up


The discussion was based on Till's report of the results of the OpenPrinting Summit 2007 in Montreal.

Original minutes taken by Markus Rex

Outcomes of the discussion

  • Agreement on meeting twice a year, coupled to Linux Foundation Japan Symposia after request from Shida-san
  • Nagasaka-san promised to reevaluate reassignment of Glen Petrie (Epson) after Till asked for man power to be applied to the OpenPrinting Embedded Printing project started by Glen. ACTION: Nagasaka-san to reevaluate Glen's reassignment.
  • OpenPrinting workgroup status: The status should be reported in a more detailed way: “spec-complete”, “design-complete”, “implementation-complete”, … ACTION: OpenPrinting to update status for next presentation.
  • Printer and printing system compatibility testing
    • Printer vendors suggest to change “validation” to “compatibility verification” to avoid confusion with legal responsibility of “validation”. Full agreement that user experience is most important goal, and Linux distributions need method to improve that experience. ACTION: Glen Petrie to update specs. DONE.
    • Proposal for development of the compatibility testing schemes: small subgroup from vendors, distribution and maybe application develop guideline proposal which will be shared with bigger group. Goal is to provide automatic framework for user experience testing and compatibility. Each part (vendor, distribution, application) needs self-testing capability to allow independent testing. Coordination will happen via OP SC and mailinglists. Till will coordinate and involve all groups. ACTION: OpenPrinting and Till to form subgroup.
    • Nagasaka-san proposes to invite Apple to OP to reduce testing costs.
  • OpenUsability printing dialog design
    • Goal is to include common printer dialog into KDE/GNOME so distributions pick it up. Important are vendor-specific features inside dialog. Printer vendors are asked to provide feedback on the concept, and maybe start working already towards this. They are asked to provide feedback based on MMI Works' current website and do so by end of November. ACTION: Printer vendors to provide feedback until end of November.
    • Nagasaka-san asks about bi-di communication between printer and printing dialog via CUPS. Till is sceptical that current version of CUPS can do this.
    • Printing dialog design should be completed before the design meeting planned for early 2008. Till will create draft specification for dialog and PPD extension by mid-December. ACTION: Till to work out spec with OpenUsability. STARTED.
    • Strong desire by vendors to have PPD handling done in central place, like a common library. Olaf suggested CUPS PPD API. Scepsis on implementation in GNOME… Also scepsis on how to solve conflicts in PPD. So far OpenUsability has no solution firmly set. If there is any proposal, please suggest it at the mailing list. Version 1 very important. ACTION: Till to make OpenUsability aware of PPD option conflicts. DONE.
  • Suggestion on device discovery: Not only focus on USB, but also work on discovery on network device.
  • Discussion on the PDF workflow: very little interest by Japanese vendors to provide work on pdftoijs (PDF renderer which does output via IJS driver plug-ins). HP as main user should do the work. Vendors will discuss participation on work on pdftoraster and pdftotext. Vendors will discuss their position on PDF workflow at next Japanese OP meeting and provide feedback on the mailinglist and/or to Till directly. ACTION: OpenPrinting Japan to report the results of the PDF workflow discussion on the next monthly F2F.
  • Distribution-independent driver packages and automatic driver download
    • 3 Requirements:
      • Setup tool: Part of distribution packages and work with distribution
      • Servers with printer drivers: OpenPrinting server should be main driver upload server, alternative is linking from OpenPrinting database to vendor's site. Strong preference to the former.
      • Requirements for automated driver download: Uploading HOWTO to be created to clearly define the requirements for the automatic update and download infrastructure
    • Rating system in OpenPrinting database needs to be clarified. It is possible for vendors to change ratings. Toratani-san would like to see quick improvement from Canon's perspective. Suggestion by Sekiguchi-san to clearly disalign new automated system from existing rating/user registered system. Markus and Till to discuss and report back.
    • Vendors request driver download statistics. Till will add offer o subscription service to get access to numbers (Google Analytics).
    • ACTION: Till to post uploading HOWTO which contains also info about printer rating and Google Analytics subscription.
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