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The New Generation of Printing: CUPS and Foomatic

A Tutorial from Till Kamppeter and Kurt Pfeifle

Given on September 4, 2002 on the Linux-Kongress 2002 in Cologne in Germany (Original announcement)

We had also a booth about printing with free software on the Linux-Kongress.

Here you find the hand-out papers for this Tutorial, more than 100 printed pages of knowledge about using the modern printing infrastructure of Unix and alike operating systems, especially CUPS, Foomatic, and KDE Print. All what we have shown and more is presented here in an easy-to-understand way with many examples. The papers can be browsed online, downloaded as PDF files and as HTML source tarballs.

Go to the hand-out papers.

We thank HP Germany for providing us an HP OfficeJet D155 and an HP PhotoSmart P100 for this event.
We thank also Danka Germany (now Ricoh) for equipping us with PCs, flat screens, and network connectivity materials.


You can discuss the tutorial in our forums.


Six hours on *nix printing? Pah! I'd wasted at least ten times that persuading Red Hat to talk to my cheapo HP 710C, and worse, I still didn't understand how *nix systems actually set out to put things on paper. A marathon CUPS/Foomatic tutorial was just what I wanted.

The speakers, both up to their necks in actual CUPS and Foomatic development, were bursting with enthusiasm for this wholesale makeover of the original lpr-based system. After being taken on board by Mandrake (now Mandriva) in 2000, CUPS has been adopted by several other Linux distros, not to mention Mac OS/X, and we were beginning to see why. Till and Kurt ran a formidable array of powerful GUI, browser and command-line CUPS tools. They all worked. It looked as if desktop *nix printers were going to start doing as they were told.”

Beginning of a review from Ralph de Rijke

I just want to thank you, Kurt and Till, for the great Cups Tutorial yesterday at the International Linux Kongress at Cologne.

It was very amazing. You showed things that i never heard before. There was a lot to laugh and a lot of info for us all.

I was very pleased to meet you and hear how you came to cups and found each other. I will have a lot of questions in the near future, but have a lot of fun the next two days in Cologne.

Thanks a lot for this day.

Andre Klocke from Cologne”

Posted by Andre Klocke on cups at easysw dot com (Sep. 5, 2002)

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