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In which **forum** should I ask distribution-specific questions?

Forum: Linux

What printers work?


How do I print to the parallel port?

Debian has no parallel port support by default. Two solutions:

1) Simple: run modconf as root, look for either “parallel printer support”or parallel port support or similar, and build this module into the kernel. (Which kernel do you have?)

2) Simply recompile with parallel port support.

Debian 3.0

How do I print with the HP 3325?

The version of HPIJS is 1.0.4-1. You need to upgrade to version HIPJS-1.3.1.

apt-get install hpijs

Why does **''N-up''** and**''2-Up''** printing give me a blank page?

This can be cause if duplex printing is specified in both the input file and the PPD.


Why is the Epson Stylus C82 not listed in Mandrake's **''PrinterDrake''**?

Choose the Epson Stylus C80 as your printer model.

Why can I print from every application except //

Run printerdrake.

If you want to print to remote printers, double-click them and choose the option to add them to

If you only want to print on local printers, printerdrake sets this up automatically when you run it. Now simply exit printerdrake.

To print with, choose printer entries without<…>.

Mandrake 9.1

How do I configure the margins for my Epson C82?

Probably the margin error only happens with plain text. Startxpp orkprinter and click Options or Properties, the Text tab, and then adjust the margins and save the options. Then the text should start where you want to have it to start.

Why does upgrading to Mandrake 9.1 break CUPS?

Mandrake 9.1 uses Foomatic 3.0, there cupsomatic is replaced byfoomatic-rip. Please remove all your print queues with printerdrake, then close and restart printerdrake and new queues for the local printers will be generated automatically. You can edit them (for example renaming) by double-clicking on the queue entries. Add queues for your network printers with the Add printer button.


Why do I get **''error: failed dependencies: /usr/sbin/alternatives''** installing CUPS?

In recent RedHat versions, chkconfig has includedalternatives. You should update chkconfig tochkconfig-1.3.5-3 in AS2.1 updates.

How do I get **''/usr/sbin/alternatives''**?

Upgrade two packages from RedHat 7.3:chkconfig-1.3.5-3ntsysv-1.3.5-3

RedHat 7.1

Why can't I print 1200x600 with RedHat 7.1 with my Brother HL-1440?

Here are the steps to get 600×600 printing working. This has been tested with CUPS-1.1.6-1, redhat-7.1.

1) Generated a PPD file from 'PPD-O-Matic' with 'hl1250 driver' and save it to /usr/share/cups/model.

2) Installed the cupsomatic Perl script to /usr/lib/cups/filter

3) chmod 755 /usr/lib/cups/filter

3) Install foomatic-gswrapper to /usr/bin/

3) chmod 755 /usr/bin/foomatic-gswrapper

4) Install mpage-2.5.1-5 if needed.

5) Setup the printer via CUPS's web interface http://localhost:631

7) Install ghostscript-6.51.

8) Use ghostview-3.5.8 to open a pdf or ps file and use lpr from ghostview's print menu.

10) If you are using 600×600, change to 1200×600 from CUPS's web interface, and then every thing work fine.

RedHat 7.3

How do I compile foomatic?

The version of printconfig-gui accesses Foomatic functions which are not available in the current version of Foomatic. You should either use a program other thanprintconfig-gui orupdate only the database.

Where can I find additional information?

You canlook here for additional help.

RedHat 8.0

How do I copy printer information between machines?

Use printconf-tui –Xexport > config.xml to export the configuration from a machine whose configuration you want to copy. Then you can useprintconf-tui –Ximport < config.xml to recreate that configuration on another machine.

How do I enter long paths for the HPOJ?

RedHat 8.0's printconf utilities do not allow entering a device filename longer than 20 characters, which makes it impossible to enter the necessary /var/run/ptal-printd/mlc_… filename. Clay Claiborne suggested a workaround, Sylvain Lavoie suggested another workaround.

Another solution is to use the Printer System Switcher tool to switch from LPRng to CUPS.

Why does the hpoj build fail with RedHat 8.0?

To build hpoj-0.90, you can perform one of the following workarounds:

1. Run ./configure –without snmp This disables full-feature JetDirect support, but locally-connected (parallel-port and USB) device support is not affected.

2. Edit lib/ptal/ and add -DUCD_COMPATIBLE (without the quote marks) to the CFLAGS line. Then run

./configure --with-snmp=/usr/include/ucd-snmp

RedHat 9.0

Why do I get **''lpr: Unable to create temporary file''**?

You need to create an evironmental variable called TMPDIR which points to a directory you have write permisions to. /tmp is probably the best choice.

export TMPDIR=/tmp
setenv TMPDIR /tmp

How do I set up an HP Office Jet?

The following devices are using an obsolete configuration file format. Use "/etc/rc.d/init.d/hpoj setup" to delete and re-probe them:

This is a bug in RedHat 9.0 version of perl. One workaroudn is to set the environment variable LANG=C

export LANG=C

or change it in /etc/sysconfig/i18n.

Slackware 8.1

Why do I get **''Unknown device: hl1250''** or similar errors?

This error message means that your GhostScript does not have the driver hl1250 compiled in.

You should try using ESP GhostScript from


Where is the **''$PRINTER''** variable defined?

SuSE installs the default profile at /etc/SuSEconfig

SuSE 8.0

What is the default print spooler?

lprng, CUPS is available through YAST.

What should the HPOJ path look like?

For lpd, you'll need something like/var/run/ptal-printd/mlc_usb_OfficeJet_G55

SuSE 8.1

How do I print with lpr?

There are no known installation issues with SuSE 8.1 and foomatic.

You have done something wrong.  :)

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