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  • Steffen Herz
  • Alexios Zavras
  • Nicole Pappler
  • Mark Gisi
  • Andrew Katz
  • David Rudin
  • Dave Marr
  • Catharina Maracke
  • Matija Šuklje
  • Sami Atabani
  • Josh Kast
  • Jim Hutchison

We opened with the latest news from the project, including Bosch as our latest Platinum Member, and TUV SUD launching global audited certification based on OpenChain (see below for slides).

We continued with a practical overview of how ZVEI, a German company alliance, is using OpenChain. This insight provided an example of worldwide growth (see below for slides).

The on boarding team is focusing on the Path to Conformance, a document that will become a page on the website.

  • This document is nearly ready and will be featured front and center on the website: ncayMoy4o/edit

  • We are making a final call to review content for Level 1… content to help understand and assess open source risks. Even links to third party content would be helpful.

The OpenChain Specification 2.0 is nearly complete. We discussed some small details but no major changes occurred. Comments will close on March 22nd so everyone is advised to review and submit before that date.

  • The latest draft of the next version of OpenChain Specification can be found here: df

Media Minutes
Associated Slide Decks
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