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  • Shane Coughlan
  • Hiro Fukuchi
  • Justin Cappos
  • Yoshi Kobayashi
  • Jim Hutchinson
  • Nobuo Imada
  • Nathan Kumagai
  • Mark Gisi
  • Santiago Torres Arias
  • Kate Stewart
  • Endo San
Project Update
  • Fujitsu has been announced as the latest Platinum Member.
  • We had a great workshop at the Leadership Summit on March 13th:
  • tl;dr: OpenChain is going to ISO - Mark Gisi is finalizing the ISO spec (2.0)
  • Our new conformance web app is now live in English and Japanese:

  • OpenChain will co-host an event in Shenzhen on March 22nd.
Case Study: In-Toto

In-Toto - a New York University Project

  • Over to our guest speaker, Justin Cappos
  • What is In-Toto?
  • How can In-Toto support OpenChain Conformance?
  • in-toto is a general technique for software supply chain enforcement
  • Cryptographic verification, tamper resistant, provenance, repudiation
  • Used in many large software companies
  • We are particularly interested in adding license compliance checking
  • Try out in-toto!

Slides here:

Onboarding Work Team
  • Finalizing the Path to Conformance, a document that will become a page on the website.
  • This document is nearly ready and will be featured front and center on the website: ncayMoy4o/edit

We will go live with the first version of this page for *FRIDAY* at the 22nd March Asian Legal Network workshop in Shenzhen. If possible please cast your eye over the document before then.

Specification Work Team
  • The latest draft of the next version of OpenChain Specification can be found here: df

Remaining Steps:

  • Continue to discuss recently received feedback and work through remaining outstanding issues listed on the spec’s github account:
  • The wider public comments stage has commenced and will concluded on March 22nd
  • The draft freeze period will begin on March 23rd
  • The project is moving well towards both greater ease of supply chain adoption and formal standardization.
  • The next couple of weeks will see some key services and documents released.
  • The most important deadline is that comments on the Specification update close on *22nd March*
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