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Self-Certification Request

Certification Submission Process

The follow process describes how certification requests are submitted:

  • Submissions can be made manually or through the self-certification application
  • Self-certification applications are automatically approved on submission by the user
    • Notification is sent out to the openchain-conformance distribution list on any submittal (or change in submittal status)
    • Any individual can register a disagreement with any submittal (see the Certification Rejection process)
    • Submissions are automatically displayed on the self certification website
    • The conformance volunteers will review all submissions
    • The OpenChain Program Manager will confirm the company is willing to have their logo used on the OpenChain website and will obtain a copy of 1,000px or more
  • Manual certification requests are made by emailing te openchain-conformance distribution list a completed self-certification form along with company contact information


Certification Rejection Process

The following process describes a certification is rejected:

  • An email containing the self-certification submittal, reason for rejection, and contact information on the person requesting rejection is sent to the openchain-conformance distribution list
  • The rejection request is discussed at the next OpenChain conformance conference call
  • On rejection, the following steps will be taken:
    • The submitter will be contacted to notify them of the rejection, the reason for the rejection, and steps they can take to remedy and/or appeal the rejection
    • An administrator for the self-certification website rejects the application
    • Any logos/information on the certification is removed from the primary website
  • If the rejection request is not accepted (ie: the rejection is rejected), the following steps will be taken:
    • The person requesting the rejection will be informed of the status, the reason for the decision, and steps they can take to appeal the rejection
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