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Iproute2 is a collection of utilities for controlling TCP / IP networking and traffic control in Linux. It is currently maintained by Stephen Hemminger <>. The original author, Alexey Kuznetsov, is well known for the QoS implementation in the Linux kernel.

Most network configuration manuals still refer to ifconfig and route as the primary network configuration tools, but ifconfig is known to behave inadequately in modern network environments. They should be deprecated, but most distros still include them. Most network configuration systems make use of ifconfig and thus provide a limited feature set. The /etc/net project aims to support most modern network technologies, as it doesn't use ifconfig and allows a system administrator to make use of all iproute2 features, including traffic control.

iproute2 is usually shipped in a package called iproute or iproute2 and consists of several tools, of which the most important are ip and tc. ip controls IPv4 and IPv6 configuration and tc stands for traffic control. Both tools print detailed usage messages and are accompanied by a set of manpages.


The current version is in the download directory on

New versions will be announced on the netdev mailing list.

The current iproute2 source is maintained in the GIT repository. To get the current source use:

 $ git clone git://


 $ git clone

You can also browse the source online via gitweb or github


There are many sources of documentation on the web, and it is mostly up to date.

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