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LSB Updates: SDK, Checkers, 4.1

The Linux Standard Base (LSB) project is pleased to announce several updates to its suites of tools and tests. These updates are now available from the LSB Download page:

First of all, the LSB Software Development Kit (SDK) has been updated to version 4.1.3, with a number of benefits and bug fixes:

  • Most importantly, the LSB SDK has been updated and tested with

newer releases of gcc. We now support all versions of gcc from

 version 3.4.x to version 4.6.x.
* The lsbcc utility now reports its own version, as well as the
 version of the underlying compiler.
* Support for building Qt 4 applications has been improved, with new
 names for Qt 4 utilities provided.
* Feature sets and options have been normalized between lsbcc,
 lsbc++, and lsbcpp.
* A number of bugs have been fixed, including illegal instruction
 issues on PowerPC 32-bit builds, missing macros, and misplaced
 functions in headers.

For the complete list of fixes and enhancements released in the 4.1.3 SDK, please see our rollup bug in the LSB's bug tracker:

Second, we have released new versions of the Linux Application Checker and the Linux Distribution Checker. Enhancements to these applications include:

  • Harmonization with the recent rebuilding of the Linux Foundation's


  • Updates to fix compatibility with newer versions of Perl.
  • Many bug fixes.

For a complete list, see our rollup bug in the LSB's bug tracker:

Finally, we have released the first set of updates to the distribution tests for LSB 4.1. These updates fix a number of bugs in the tests, mostly to address issues found when running against newer distributions. As with the other two updates, a complete list of changes can be found on the LSB bug tracker:

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